Rifle Hunting with Likhulu Safaris

Rifle Hunting with Likhulu Safaris

In South Africa we hunt all year round, however, the best period is March - October, when the climate is nice and mild. Most hunting is done on privately owned land, but from time to time hunts are done on Government Reserves. International hunters have come to expect excellent trophy quality and great camps and we have some of the finest hunting areas that will suit the needs of hunters of all ages and levels of experience.

Hunting is done in the traditional spot and stalk, but we do make use of blinds from time to time. Knowledgeable guides attuned to your every requirement, trackers with years of experience and the best skinners to prepare your trophies to capture that unforgettable African memory in each animal.

The hunter should be acquainted and comfortable with his/her rifle. The correct rifle and calibre selection are very important. A minimum of .375 is required on Big game by South African law.

Frequent Questions

Trophy Hunting
Before the commencement of any hunt, you will be able to check the accuracy of your rifle at the rifle range. The rifle is sighted in from a static shooting table with an armrest and/or from shooting sticks. Only when we/you are satisfied with your shooting and your level of confidence, will we proceed with the hunt.

Game is usually spotted from the hunting vehicle during the early morning or late afternoon or from high vantage points. The style of hunting will depend on the animal being hunted and in what area (Free State, Limpopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and North-West Province) of South Africa the Safari is taking place. It is advisable that the hunter is in a reasonable physical condition and a reasonable shot as these factors always influence the outcome of the hunt. Shots vary from 50-250 yards, but we will never have a client take a shot that he/she is not comfortable with.

Hunts vary from 7-21 day Safaris, but we recommend a 10 day Safari.
Hunting with Likhulu
Daily Rates
1x1 Hunter :  $450
2x1 Hunter :  $350
Observer :     $250
Child (<12):   $100
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