Tiger Fishing with Likhulu Safaris

Fishing for the Tiger

Lake Jozini sprawls itself across the Maputuland in Kwazulu Natal nestled between the Obombo and Lebombo mountain ranges. Built as a dam in 1972 to be used as a holding reservoir for the water desperately needed to irrigate the surrounding areas, the dam has become a popular destination for angling enthusiasts in search of the ultimate freshwater fishing experience.

During the summer months when the temperature of the water rises by a few degrees Lake Jozini is inundated with anglers eager to be able to say they have experienced Tiger fishing Jozini. Tiger fishing Jozini is an experience that every serious angler must-have. The Tiger Fish is regarded as the hardest fighting freshwater fish in Africa which is what makes it such a popular trophy. No prizes for guessing some of the reasons the Tigerfish got its name. With a gaping maw made up of an extremely well-developed mouth with protruding teeth, this definitely isn't the kind of fish you'd like to meet in a dark corner of the river.

The Tigerfish is just as ferocious as it looks - fiercely territorial and known for being a voracious predator. The body of this fish is built for speed and power; and with its scaly armour, pointed fins and conspicuous need for a brace even when its mouth is shut.

The Tigerfish is highly prized as a game fish. Found in freshwater across Africa, the Tigerfish will chomp on practically any fish that strays into its path using strong jaw muscles and dagger-like teeth that mesh together like the Piranhas. It's even reputed to take on prey as big as or much bigger than itself; added reason to stay out of the water.